About Us

The Hanoi Cooking Centre will be closed from 1pm on Saturday 6th February and re-open at 9am on Saturday 13th February.

At Hanoi Cooking Centre we care about all things culinary.

Located in 44 Chau Long Street, nestled on the edge of Hanoi's famous old quarter and close to picturesque Truc Bach and West Lake, Hanoi Cooking Centre is a cooking school, and cafe.
Hanoi Cooking Centre offers hands-on cooking classes and short courses in a relaxed atmosphere, designed by chef Tracey Lister, co-author of KOTO - A Culinary Journey Through Vietnam.
At Hanoi Cooking Centre you can take part in:

  • Vietnamese & International Cooking Classes
  • Street Eats and Market Tours
  • Corporate Team Building Classes
  • Cooking for Kids

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