Start the day or relax from the hustle and bustle of downtown Ha Noi in the Hanoi Cooking Centre’s intimate courtyard cafe or air-condition dinning-room. Enjoy your meal made from the freshest possible ingredients along with Italian coffee or a Vietnamese ca phe, a glass of wine or a cold local beer.

Hanoi Cooking Centre’s courtyard cafe is open to the public from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am – 5.30 pm


Espresso 30,000
Double Espresso 50,000
Americano 40,000
Cappuccino 40,000
Macchiato 40,000
Mocha café 40,000
Vanilla latte 45,000
Caramel latte 45,000
Mocha caramel latte 50,000


Black coffee          25,000
White coffee             30,000
Eggs coffee          40,000
Eggs with cocoa coffee          40,000


Sakerato          50,000
Iced cappuccino          50,000
Iced café latte          50,000
Iced cafe mocha          50,000
Iced flavor coffee          50,000
Affogato          65,000


Green tea frappuccino 65000
Coco loco 65,000
Mint chocolate bomb 65,000
Crème brullee 65,000


Hot chocolate 40,000
Espresso hot chocolate 50,000
Frosted chocolate milk 50,000
Chocolate blended with fresh fruits 60,000


Lemon juice 30,000
Passion fruit juice 40,000
Pineapple juice 40,000
Melon juice 40,000
Carrot  juice 40,000
Tomato juice 40,000
Orange juice 60,000


Mango smoothie 50,000
Banana smoothie 50,000
Avocado smoothie 60,000
Strawberry smoothie 60,000


Banana  lassie 55,000
Mango lassie 55,000
Strawberry  lassie 65,000
Avocado  lassie 65,000


Yogurt with cocoa          40,000
Yogurt with café          40,000
Yogurt with fruits 50,000


Lipton tea/ Vietnamese tea          30,000
English tea/ Earl grey tea          40,000


Hanoi Beer          30,000
Truc Bach Beer          35,000


Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Coconut/ Mango/ Green tea/ Mint (per scoop)          40,000



SOUP OF THE DAY          70,000


1. Nộm đu đủ bò khô           70,000
Papaya salad with spicy dried beef
2. Nộm hoa chuối tôm thịt/ gà          70,000
Banana flower salad with prawn & pork/ chicken
3. Nem cuốn tôm trứng          70,000
 Fresh spring rolls with  Prawn, Omelet & Salad with dipping sauce
4. Phở cuốn          70,000
Fresh ‘Pho wrapped’ Spring Rolls, with stir fried beef, salad & dipping sauce
5. Bánh tráng cuốn thịt heo          70,000
Roll your own, fresh spring rolls with sliced pork, a selection of salad,  fresh herbs, & dipping sauce.
6. Nem rán          70,000
Traditional crispy  fried spring rolls with pork, mushrooms & vegetables served with dipping sauce
7. Chả giò rế            70,000
Fried delicate ‘Lacy’ spring rolls with prawns, pork, taro and served with a dipping sauce
8. Trio of Dips : Babaghanoush (eggplant & coriander), red capsicum & tzatziki (yoghurt,mint  & cucumber) served with pitta bread.           100,000
Bánh mỳ Pita ăn kèm 03 loại sốt: sốt cà tím rau mùi, sốt ớt đỏ và tzatziki
9. Phở chiên phồng          70,000
Stir-fried’ Pho’ Noodles with beef & green vegetables – served with green papaya dipping sauce
10. Phở Bò/ Gà          70,000
Hanoi Specialty : Beef / Chicken Noodle soup
11. Bún Chả           70,000
Hanoi Specialty : Grilled pork belly & pork patties with & rice noodles, salad, herbs & dipping sauce
12. Bún Bò Nam Bộ          70,000
Traditional Stir fried beef, fresh noodles, salad, green papaya served in a special stock
13. Bún Thịt Nướng          70,000
Vietnamese Grilled Pork & Rice Noodle
14. Cơm bò sốt tiêu ( ăn kèm canh và rau)          70,000
Steamed rice, stir-fried beef in  pepper sauce, vegetables
15. Cơm cá kho tộ ( ăn kèm canh và rau)          70,000
Steamed rice, Clay pot fish & vegtables
16. Crispy battered Red Snapper ‘Fish & Chips’ with side salad & tartar sauce        130,000
Cá và khoai tây chiên ăn kèm salad & sốt tartar

17. Mezza platter – falafels, salad, babaghanoush, Tzatziki & Red capsicum dip with pita bread.



Đĩa Mezza- đậu Hà Lan nghiền kèm salad và Tzatziki, sốt cà tím nướng và sốt ớt đỏ ăn với bánh mỳ Pita
18. Bánh mỳ pate          50,000
Traditional baguette with pate, salad & pickles
19. Bánh mỳ trứng          50,000
Traditional baguette with 2 egg omelet, salad & chilli sauce
20. Bánh mỳ xíu mại          70,000
Sliced baguette with a bowl of meat balls in tomato sauce, cucumber & tomato side salad
21. Ham & Cheese pita wrap served with side salad       100,000
Bánh mỳ pita kẹp thịt hun khói và pho mai
22. Shakshuka-       100,000
Middle Eastern brunch of 2 eggs in tomato capsicum sauce with pita, salsa & dukkah
Trứng trần ăn kèm sốt ớt đỏ, cà chua, dukkah và salsa cùng với bánh mỳ pita
23. Ham & cheese omelet with side salad & pita bread         80,000
Trứng tráng với thịt hun khói và pho mai, ăn kèm salad rau và bánh mỳ pita


24. Khoai tây chiên bơ tỏi         50,000
Garlic French fries
25. Sa lát rau/ hoặc với trứng
Garden Salad / with egg 35,000/40,000
26. Nộm hoa chuối gà/ tôm thịt
Banana Flower Salad / with chicken/with prawn/with pork 40,000/50,000
27. Nộm đu đủ bò khô
Papaya Salad / with spicy dried beef 40,000/50,000
28. Bánh mỳ Pita
Pita Bread         10,000
29. Bánh cốm ( sweet, sticky rice cake, with mung beans )         20,000
30. Bánh xu xê (Tapioca & sweet mung bean cake)         20,000
31. Kem Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Dừa/ Xoài/ Trà xanh/ Bạc hà ( 1 scoop)         30,000
Ice Cream – Vanilla/ Chocolate/Coconut/ Mango/ Green tea  mint  per scoop
32. Kem caramel         40,000
Crème Caramel
33. Sữa chua nếp cẩm (Traditional Yoghurt with sweet rice)         40,000
Seasonal Fresh Fruit platter         40,000
34. Chè sen (Lotus seeds in syrup)         40,000