Phục vụ tiệc

Function Menu

Cost per person 25,000 per item 

Lemongrass and chilli roasted peanuts
Fried green olives filled with Chorizo
Ma Hor, spicy pork relish with pineapple
Pork Belly with plum sauce in mandarin pancake
Tea-smoked duck breast and mint salad in manderin pancake
Lacy spring rolls with prawn, pork and taro
Spiced cauliflower fritter with tomato kasundi
Banh goi (Vietnamese pork pastries)
Selection of dips and pita
Roast pumpkin, rosemary and goats cheese calzone
Prawn and omelet spring rolls
Hoi An spring rolls with mackerel
Fried Tofu with Szechuan pepper, salt and lemon
Blue cheese and cherry tomato tart
Selection of quiches
Chicken, lime leaf and 10-spice skewers
Pho Cuon
Salmon Californian Rolls
Falafel with hummus
Tofu and roasted rice spring rolls
Prawn and green rice in betel leaf
Tofu and mushroom cakes
Pumpkin, coriander and chilli fritters
Coconut chicken with mango sauce
Sweet corn and coriander pikelet with salsa
Mini Lamingtons
Spanish Donuts with chocolate sauce
Coconut and passion fruit slice
Mandarin and almond cake
Christmas Gingerbread Cookies

Cost per person 40,000 per item
Parmesan and sesame puff pastry twists
Manchelo and corn fritters
Chorizo Croquettes
Goats Cheese and Smoked Paprika Croquettes
Petit Brioche filled with prawns, mayonnaise and chives
Caramilzed onion, anchovie and olive pastry
Mini ginger chicken burgers
Mini beef burgers with chutney

Cured Salmon on bilini with sour cream
Moroccan chicken sausage rolls
Prawn on lemongrass
Baked semolina gnocchi with prosciutto
Coconut prawns
Spinach and feta phillo parcels
Seafood Tempura with wasabi
Chicken, celery and mayonnaise sandwiches
Salt and pepper squid
Goats cheese and cranberry on chive scones
Pork and pistachio terrine on crouton
Chocolate mud cake
Mini apple crumble
Cranberry and chocolate meringue
Lemon Meringue tart
Christmas Mince Pies
Sandwiches and Rolls with Various Fillings
and a Seasonal Fruit Platter

170,000 vnd per person 


Sandwich fillings vary with the seasons but some favorites are:
Chicken, pesto, lettuce and tomato
Grilled vegetables, olives and hummus
Potato and onion frittata with aioli
House cured salmon, dill, lemon and capers
Goats cheese, basil, cherry tomatoes
Chicken, avocado, green bean and Thai basil
Ham, gruyere and grain mustard
Falafel, yoghurt and salad
Tuna, sweet corn, spring onion and mayonnaise


Fresh juice 30,000 người
Mini cake selection 40,000 người
Spring rolls 20,000 người
Cheese and crackers 60,000 người